With its back to the sea and a floor-to-ceiling glass front, Malmö's first high-end gym, on a whopping 700 square meters, offers world-class training. Here you can focus fully on your development and disappear for a while among ergonomic free weights and the latest machines for fitness and strength.

Welcome to the gym for those who want that little something extra!

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As a member with us, you get to take part in the Grand Bootcamp – tough and effective training sessions for the whole body. The session is led by a personal trainer and is carried out in small groups, which gives you the best opportunity for personal coaching. With inspiration taken from crossfit, you are offered strength and fitness, both indoors and outdoors. 

Take your training to the next level. Be inspired by new exercises, work on the technique and get tips and advice from a real expert. And most importantly: push yourself properly together with others!

Book a pass by calling or visiting reception. 

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Monday 17.30-18.15
Coached by Wilma

Tuesdays 17.30-18.15
Coached by Smilla

Wednesday 17.30-18.15
Coached by Björn

Thursday 06.45-07.30
Coached by Elias

Friday 07.30-08.15
Coached by Elina

Saturday 09.30-10.15
Coached by Annika


With a focus on the individual, we give you the opportunity to train for what you need. Whether your focus is on endurance, strength, technique or nutrition. Our personal trainers help you take the next step in your training and offer a clearer overview of your results.

Elias Otterlund


sauna after training

Sauna is pure detox. Sweat production starts and you clean the body of waste products that you have accumulated after a hard training session.



Carlsgatan 26, 211 20 Malmö

072 141 37 95


opening hours

Monday-Sunday 05-22


Monday–Thursday 9–21

Friday 09-19

Saturday 10-16

Sunday 11-18