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limited membership
Now our exclusive membership is here with your own personal locker, full premium laundry service, daily grand drink and exclusive member offers.
Limited Medlemskap
Our gyms offer the best and latest in training equipment, in an exclusive environment that motivates you to max out and we dare to say that we lack pure competitors in Sweden.

The inspiration is taken from metropolises such as London and New York and the concept has existed within the group since 2017 when the first GF club was opened on Övre Husargatan in Gothenburg.

Here you will find the latest in the machine park from, for example, Hammer Strength and Technogym's premium line. Of course, there is also a substantial section with bars, free weights and dumbbells. The big difference is probably in the atmosphere and it is created through decor, lighting, music, technology and material selection.


Take your training to the next level. At our bootcamps, you train in smaller groups, which provides the best opportunity for personal coaching. Be inspired by new exercises, work on the technique and push yourself together with others.

Always free InBody with PT/guide

Over 300 Nordic Wellness clubs throughout Sweden

Latest and most modern gym equipment

Unique events

Access to PT Mondays at 17.00-20.00

Frukostpåse måndagar och fredagar kl. 09.00-10.30

Sweat towels during the training session

Group training in crosscage

Exclusive training environment

At our gyms you will find the absolute best and latest in training equipment.

choose the membership that suits you best

What is your goal? At Grand Fitness, we offer different types of membership, so that you can get where you want to go.